The Daily Dig for Sunday, September 6

How Regulation A+ will affect investing

The SEC’s passing of what is commonly known as Regulation A+ will greatly affect investing in the future. Dusty Wunderlich predicts how.

Is alt-fi facing its Blockbuster moment?

Two decades ago Blockbuster scoffed at Netflix, much like horse and buggy fans did with cars before. Will the establishment do the same with the Lending Clubs of the world? Ryan Caldwell weighs in.

Dopay exec talks about attracting unbanked Egyptians

Han van Dijk says roughly 90 perecnt of Egyptians are unbanked. That can be reduced, he tells Shaimaa Elise.

EU urges increased access to alt-fi SME funding sources

A funding gap is behind the proliferation of non-bank funding sources for small businesses. Those sources should be encouraged, an EU commissioner tells Arjun Kharpal.

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