The Daily Dig for Thursday, September 10

Indian bank offers livelihood finance

In a bad to attract the hundreds of million of the country’s unbanked, HDFC is offering education and other tools to encourage some to start a bank account. Kumar Shankar Roy explains.

Prepaid e-card offered to EM unbanked

The pre-paid, non-reloadable  e-card will also be made available to people who are unbanked in the Middle East and parts of Africa. Learn more here.

Bondora on the hunt for investors

Marketplace lender Bondora is looking for Indian investors to fund personal, unsecured loans in Estonia, Spain and Finland. Kumar Shankar Roy reports.

Harmoney hits $100M mark

On the eve of an Australian expansion, New Zealand P2P Harmoney has reached a loans milestone. Fiona Rotherham reports.

Chinese investigations disrupting P2P capital

As authorities investigate three Chinese peer-to-peer lenders in Shenzhen, others are getting nervous, Lin Jinbing and Lu Xiaoming report.

Fundly acquisition sign of things to come? 

NotProfitEasy has acquired Fundly. Are more mergers to come? Devin Thorpe answers that question.

Can Dodd-Frank tackle TBTF?

The passing of Dodd-Frank’s fifth birthday is a nice time to check on what changes it has caused. The results are mixed, writes Deena Zaidi.

New Zealand P2P market due for settling

As an eighth New Zealand crowdfunder seeks regulatory approval, it is a good time to ask when is enough enough, writes Fiona Rotherham.

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