The Daily Dig for Saturday, September 12

Bill Clinton deluded about Glass-Steagall

Bill Clinton recently said the repealing of the Glass-Steagall Act had nothing to do with the 2008 crisis. Wrong-o, says Wallace Turbeville.

Big banks on verge of settling swaps lawsuit

Fourteen companies, including 12 banks, are about to settle a lawsuit over credit derivatives by paying a reported $1.87 billion. Katy Burne reports.

Equity crowdfunding portal risk management

Equity crowdfunding portals face many risks, but there are strategies which address them, writes Oscar Jofre.

Lending Loop makes P2P accessible for average Canadian

For as little as $50 ($38 US), Canadians can invest in peer-to-peer loans with Lending Loop. Clare O’Hara reports.

Chinese P2P exec sees industry complementing big banks

Dianrong CEO Soul Htite believes traditional banking and peer-to-peer lending can easily co-exist. Danny Leung reports.


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