The Daily Dig for Saturday, September 19

Big banks backing blockchain

Nine investment banks are working on common blockchain standards, reports Philip Stafford.

Increased regulation disrupting U.K. P2P scene

New standards enacted by the U.K. government threaten to shut down some peer-to-peer lenders while adding hundreds of thousands of pounds in compliance and registration costs. Anna Irrera reports.

Crowdnetic CEO shares thoughts on eve of 2015 conference

Luan Cox shares her thoughts on the current state of marketplace lending, which happens to be the focus of Crowdnetic’s 2015 conference taking place on September 28 in NYC. Henry Truc reports.

Innovative German bank expands to the United Kingdom

Fidor has combined extensive use of social media and alt-fi concepts to deliver a successful business model. Now they are seeing if it translates to the United Kingdom. Learn more here.

Chinese VC’s get hammered by P2P investments

China’s slowing economy following the crash has had effects on the peer-to-peer industry. Raymond Tsoi reports.

Prosper sues women business accelerator over name

Prosper Marketplace, worth $1.9 billion, is suing Prosper Women Entrepreneurs for using its name without proper authorization. Brian Feldt reports.

U.K. crowdfund rating tool unveiled is a ratings tool designed to help United Kingdom investors sift through the growing number of marketplace options. Trevor Clawson reports.

SyndicateRoom allows more investor access

SyndicateRoom allows more investors to participate in popular offerings, with a twist. Learn more here.

Now you can crowdfund lawsuits

Mighty connects plaintiffs with investors willing to fund lawsuits in exchange for a piece of the action. Anthony Noto reports.



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