The Daily Dig for Tuesday, September 22

Lending Club expands in Midwest

Retail investors in Kansas, Indiana and Nebraska can now participate in the sensation that is sweeping the nation. Learn more here.

Kickstarter reincorporates as a public benefit corporation

The founders made that decision in order to ensure money would not influence the ability of creators to get their dreams funded. David Gelles reports.

Financing options for entrepreneurs with credit issues

Bad credit need not impact an entrepreneur’s ability to finance a business. Tristan Anwyn explains.

Harmoney enjoying rapid progress

The New Zealand P2P has seen steady growth since launching a minimum viable product last year, Rob O’Neill writes.

Fundrise opens platform to foreign investors

Investors in Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom can now invest on Fundrise, Ron Finberg reports.

San Francisco Chronicle trying project crowdfunding

The paper is partnering with Beacon to raise $15,000 for a multimedia project. Lindsey Loving reports.


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