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The Daily Dig for Friday, September 25

New P2P app attracts big funding

Ledge is an app that lets friends easily borrow from each other. It starts out with $900,000 in seed funding. Fitz Tepper reports.

Harmoney gets healthy nest egg to launch Aussie P2P

New Zealand-based P2P Harmoney has  received $200 million from investors to launch a P2P in Australia. Rob Stock reports.

Rumors of UK P2P failure raise important questions

There are increasingly loud rumors that one of the smaller peer-to-peer lenders in the United Kingdom is about to fail. That raises several questions for the new marketplace lending industry, writes Anthony Hilton.

P2P’s promising future not without its challenges

This is an interesting primer on the history of the UK P2P industry, with many parallels to the United States. The future should be prosperous, but not before several challenges are addressed, Jay Tikam believes.

Tata Trust extends support of online microlender

Indian internet microlender RangDe has the ambitious goal of eradicating poverty in India. Thanks to the support of Tata Trust, it will be able to keep working on it for four more years, Jeet Suthar reports.

Swiss regulator and government support higher bank leverage ratios

Switzerland’s government has voted to double the leverage ratios for UBS and Credit Suisse to six percent. The country’s head regulator favors the move. Learn more here.

Global bank regulators set to discuss TBTF banks

Countries are in disagreement on Total Loss Absorbing Capacity and are meeting in London to discuss it, writes John Glover.

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