Blaine McLaughlin
Blaine McLaughlin

VIAFolio private capital network unveiled

Blaine McLaughlin
Blaine McLaughlin

Folio Investing and Folio Institutional have unveiled Folio’s Private Capital Network. VIAFolio, an online equity and debt-funding platform, intends to connect investors, brokers and advisors with private companies in search of funding.

In addition to private equity and debt VIA Folio will also participation in hedge funds, private equity funds, real estate funds, and other types of private investments.

A Washington, D.C.-based operator of two different restaurant concepts has made its latest debt offering available on the network.

Matchbox Food Group LLC, operator of Matchbox, DC-3 and Ted’s Bulletin, has initiated a $10.5 million debt offering designed to expand operations. It comes in 10.125% non-convertible subordinated debt with a seven-year maturity.

“Matchbox will be the first private debt offering on the platform using the Regulation D Rule 506(c) offering exemption, and it is a great example of how an established local company with a strong public profile can use VIA Folio to secure growth capital,” said Blaine McLaughlin, head of Folio’s Private Capital Network.

All VIA Folio offerings immediately become available to Folio Investing clients and financial advisors using the Folio Institutional platform. Those considering the Matchbox opportunity can obtain access at VIA Folio’s website.

Folio’s record of innovation attracted Matchbox, the company’s Co-Founder and CEO said.

“Their platform offers a new and streamlined way for investors and their advisors to find and invest in companies seeking capital,” Ty Neal said. Access to deep pocketed firms was another, they added.

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