NSR Invest and MonJa announce partnership

Bo Brustkern

Bo Brustkern

Peer-to-peer investment management platform NSR Invest and marketplace lending insight provider MonJa have announced a collaboration which will see NSR employ MonJa analytical tools.

Those tools and MonJa algorithms will be added to NSR Invest’s core platform, a move NSR said in a release will help them manage peer-to-peer investments for financial advisors and their clients.

NSR Invest CEO Bo Brustkern said it is only natural to make use of available technologies to assist with intelligent P2P investing, especially as the sector becomes more popular.

“As peer-to-peer investing becomes more widely adopted by financial advisors and their clients, the need to bring institutional level analytics and performance reporting becomes more and more important.”

This partnership will also improve important API connections needed to access P2P investments from top marketplaces such as Lending Club, Prosper and Funding Circle.

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