The Daily Dig for Wednesday, September 30

Avant’s value nears $2B after latest funding infusion

Online lender Avant has raised $325 million in a funding round which puts the company’s value close to $2 billion. Telios Demos and Peter Rudegeair report.

UK P2P losses nothing to worry about

Even as revenues for the United Kingdom’s largest P2P’s continue to grow, the platforms continue to post overall losses. Marketing to the rescue? Tom Wright reports.

European Investment Bank and Funding Circle discussing partnership

Small businesses in the United Kingdom will benefit if Funding Circle and the European Investment Bank can hammer out the details on a new initiative. Learn more here.

Diff’rent strokes for diff’rent SME folks

Small businesses in search of a loan will discover each of the main players is a little bit different, Teddy Nykiel writes.


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