The Daily Dig for Thursday, October 1

Cell  phones allow unbanked Kenyans to become bond traders

The ability to purchase bonds via cell phones will allow more Kenyans to have access to that investment class, writes Eric Ombok.

Banks back to screwing homeowners

Some mortgage lenders are violating a 2012 settlement deal by foreclosing on homeowners during payment reduction negotiations for weak reasons, writes Jon Prior.

Swiss regulator probing big banks over metal market manipulation

Switzerland’s competition watchdog is looking at several big banks to see if they are playing with the precious metals markets. Jessica Morris reports.

Lending Club responds to Treasury

Lending Club has responded to the Treasury Department’s earlier information.  Find out what they said from Dan Primack.

SoFi nabs $1B for student loan refinancing

Another milestone for SoFi in what has proven to be a busy fall for alternative finance. Dan Primack has more.

EnergyFunders closes capital raise

The Houston-based platform is one of several energy-related operations in the state. Joe Martin reports.