CEO Soul Htite
CEO Soul Htite

Soul Htite, Ron Suber among Credible Series A backers

CEO Soul Htite
CEO Soul Htite

Multi-lender student loan marketplace Credible has attracted some heavy hitters to its recently concluded $10 million Series A funding round.

SinoLending/ founder and CEO Soul Htite led the round. Mr. Htite is a Lending Club Co-Founder and former Vice President of Engineering.

He believes Credible provides a unique value proposition.

“The speed of innovation occurring in financial services has created a once in a generation opportunity. Credible’s unique model is fundamentally changing the dynamics of the loan selection process.”

“We see Credible as a core fixture of the next phase of online lending.”

Mr. Htite is joined by SinoLending/ board member Scott Langmack. Mr. Langmack is the Chairman and Co-Founder of contact engine and communication platform ConnectUp.

Ron Suber
Ron Suber

Prosper President Ron Suber, an active investor in the altfi space, also participated. Since 2011 Mr. Suber has made three investments in Orchard Platform, two in SoFi, and singles in real estate crowdfunding platforms Patch of Land and Asset Avenue, automated bill payment solution AvidXchange, cloud-based digital transaction manager Docusign, franchise financer Apple Pie Capital, supply side platform EVEN Financial, and Prosper.

Existing Credible investors include Mark Goines, Carthona Capital, Redbus Group, and Bruce Gibney

Credible CEO and Founder Stephen Dash shares some of the reasons for the platform’s success.

“We’re building Credible for the future of online lending – providing borrowers with choice, better information, and simplicity of process. Simply put, we are making student loans more fair.”

“In Soul, Ron and Scott, we have three of the most experienced individuals in online lending which will allow us to accelerate our growth.”

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