The Daily Dig for Friday, October 2

Wells Fargo not the altruists they want you to think they are

A recent Wells Fargo initiative to help homeowners, while painted as a nice gesture by their spinners, was actually done because they were forced into it, a minor detail they forgot to tell politicians and others used for a photo opp. Great article from Matt Taibbi.

Predatory lending running wild in Virginia

Out with payday lenders, in with car title lenders. Different name but same old shtick in Virginia, writes Scott Surovell.

A look back at Prosper’s growth

As Prosper crosses the $5 billion lent mark, Nick Clements looks back at how they got there.

Consumer lenders facing double whammy

Once banks saw regulators take a closer look at consumer lenders, they followed suit. This could impact the entire sector, Peter Eavis writes.

U.K. banks pressed to refer clients to better deals or risk public shaming

An advocacy group in the United Kingdom is urging the government to force big banks to do more to refer clients to better deals and name those who do not. Tim Wallace reports.

Patreon hacked

While clients’ personal information was breached, credit card numbers were not. Colin Lecher reports.

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