Equity crowdfunding in Canada - Does anyone give a dam?
Equity crowdfunding in Canada - Does anyone give a dam?

The Daily Dig for Thursday, October 8

Hockey season has started and the Blue Jays will win the World Series. Now Canada is taking over the Daily Dig.

Bondora enters Canada

The Estonia-based lender allows Canadians to invest in loans originating in Finland, Estonia and Spain. Clare O’Hara reports.

Canadian online bank offering credit card

Tangerine plans on competing with the banks by offering a diverse suite of products. Next up: credit cards, writes David Berman.

Upstart uses education and other unique metrics in risk assessment

When it comes to landing a job not all degrees are created equal. Makes sense, but it took a while to apply that common sense to student loans, writes Maria Gallucci.

Lending Club to banks: Don’t leave, but make plenty of room

Renaud Laplanche does not see his model doing away with the banks, as long as they change their business model, writes Noah Buhayar.

AccessInvest.com the “Expedia of crowdfunding”

The mobile app aggregates investments and helps customize deal flow, writes Mary Juetten.

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