The Daily Dig for Monday, October 12

Gobble up all of the important altfi news in today’s Daily Dig.

California Congressman calls for equity crowdfunding

One of the few millennial members of Congress says the time has more than come for the SEC to kick start equity crowdfunding, a belief supported by dozens of conversations he has had with young entrepreneurs across the country. Congressman Eric Swalwell explains his position.

Live crowdfunding event India’s first

A cruise on the Ganges was the site of India’s first live crowdfunding event. Learn more here.

Unbanked by both choice and circumstance have common ground: A view from the Philippines

Those too poor to need a bank account and those who don’t want a record of their money have some things in common, writes Alex Cabrera.

TBTF extends beyond banks

An interconnected global economy has helped create businesses in many sectors that are too big to fail, writes Matthew Lynn.

Fourth P2P joins New Zealand market

Lending Crowd offers loans up to $200,000 to SME’s. Suze Metherell has more.

Obvious gap led Ratesetter CEO to P2P

When Daniel Foggo worked  for a bank he saw borrowers paying high rates but banks not making high margins. That gap is what stoked his interest in altfi. He shares this and other thoughts with Glenda Korporaal.

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