The Daily Dig for Wednesday, October 14

SoFi’s Cagney calls for more fintech dreamers

SoFi CEO Mike Cagney says too many fintech heads keep the bar low for many different reasons. For the industry to be truly transforming more execs have to think bigger, he tells Mark Calvey.

Kabbage raises $135M

ING, Scotiabank, Santander and lead Reverence Capital Partners are each part of Kabbage’s recent $135 million raise. Ron Finberg has more.

Consolidation coming to Chinese P2P industry?

Tighter regulation may result in some M&A activity in China’s booming P2P sector, writes Julie Zhu.

U.K. renewable energy crowdfunding in transition

Dropping government support has caused a large renewable energy crowdfunder to stop offering green loans. Naomi Rovnick reports.

TrustBuddy self-reports misconduct, closes doors

The ironically named U.K.-based P2P shut down after it discovered serious misconduct. Judith Evans reports.

Altfi the future of Accounts Receivable Management?

With credit card collections slumping Accounts Receivable Management folks are looking at student loans, health care and government as growth sectors. An insider says he has two words for them – alternative lending. Tim Bauer explains why.

Unbanked Egyptians present challenge for financial sector

Egypt’s banks are slowly coming around to the problem of having so many unbanked citizens. And it is a problem, writes Amira Salah-Ahmed.


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