The Daily Dig for Thursday, October 15

P2P execs respond to Treasury call

P2P leaders including Matt Burton and Renaud Laplanche responded to a Treasury request for information on marketplace lending. Michael del Castillo reports.

St. Louis Treasurer outlines payday loan POA

Tishaura Jones said there are more payday lenders in her state than McDonald’s locations. That is unacceptable, as they prey on the poor. She has a plan to change that.

Think twice before taking that P2P consolidation loan

If your credit rating is pristine, P2P may be the way to go, but for the legions of people with mixed credit histories, the rate they get may not be much better than their credit card. Ben Steverman reports.

U.K.’s Glass-Steagall will hurt big banks

Ring fencing designed to separate retail and investment banks will affect universal banking. Look east, America, is this the future? Paul Davies reports.