The Goldman Sachs logo is displayed on a post above the floor of the New York Stock Exchange

The Daily Dig for Thursday, October 22

Transparency key element of equity crowdfunding

Everyone talks about transparency, but what precisely does it mean? Why is it important? Goncalo de Vasconcelos explains.

Goldman on hiring spree as it gears up consumer lending division

As it prepares to launch its consumer lending division, Goldman Sachs is hiring data experts, including an altfi veteran or two. Olivia Oran reports.

U.K. P2P Investment firm rising fast

In only two years P2P Investment Trust  is a Top 30 London-listed investment trust. Jeff Salway explains how they did it.

Canuck credit unions encouraged to try P2P as member recruitment tool

Due to the growing success of peer-to-peer lending in the United Kingdom, and its projected American one, a new report from Filene Research Institute suggests Canadian credit unions should jump on board. David Morrison reports.

U.K. body warns P2P’s they could be regulated just like banks

Britain’s financial watchdog tells P2P’s they may be subject to the same regulations as banks some day, writes Chris Papdopoullos.

City minister tells U.K. body P2P must be nurtured

On the heels of data showing 40 percent of Britons would consider investing part of their retirement funds in P2P’s which benefit small businesses, a government minister tells the financial watchdog the P2P industry is vital. Emma Ann Hughes reports.

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