AlphaPoint announces blockchain solution custom-built for financial institutions

Las Vegas, Nevada – Today AlphaPoint, the leading white label technology provider for digital asset exchanges, announced StreamCore, a flexible, multi-asset blockchain solution built from the ground up for financial institutions. StreamCore allows firms to interact with blockchain data simply and dynamically, providing the tools to rapidly develop and deploy a wide range of financial solutions.

“The blockchain represents a fundamental step forward in both security and efficiency,” said Founder & CEO Joe Ventura. “More and more banks are recognizing the promise of the technology and becoming strategic partners. StreamCore provides these firms a secure, dynamic platform to engage this technology as they incorporate it into their long-term visions.”

Venture capital funding in the blockchain space continues to accelerate and has doubled year over year. With $462 million invested in 2015 thus far, total investment in the sector is nearing $1 billion since 2012.

Increasingly, investments in the ecosystem are coming from multinational banks. Over 20 banks have made investments or formed partnerships, and many more have formed research groups.

Financial applications leveraging blockchain networks provide breakthroughs in data integrity, performance, and efficiency in how assets move between parties. StreamCore leverages the inherent benefits of the blockchain – immutability, strong cryptography, instantaneous clearing – but makes significant improvements. The solution allows firms complete control over their data and acts as a general-purpose platform for deploying blockchain-enabled financial applications.

The technology behind StreamCore extends AlphaPoint’s existing platform, currently used by over 20 clients, and supports a range of applications – including asset exchange, distributed payments, real-time accounting, and multi-asset risk management. Key benefits include:

  • Secure Architecture – Multiple parties link together across secure networks, creating an airtight,
    incorruptible record of events.
  • Flexible Permissioning – Parties access only information that is explicitly shared with them, and
    each message is encrypted individually.
  • Immutable, Auditable Records – Data can be searched like a traditional database, and is
    impossible to change or falsify.
  • “Blockchain-enabled systems are the future of financial services,” said Ventura. “They promise to
    dramatically improve market structure, and we feel privileged to help institutions embrace this
    transformational technology.”
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