Private blockchain to enable revolutionary customer experiences

Las Vegas, Nevada – Manifold Technology, a Silicon Valley startup, is set to unveil the world’s fastest and most efficient blockchain platform this week. This much anticipated technology has caught the eye of several leading global financial institutions and will be deployed on top of legacy banking infrastructure beginning in early spring 2016. Co-founders Chris Finan and Rob Seger will debut the “Manifold Liquidity Platform” during Tuesday’s Launchpad360° session at Money20/20.

As companies around the world experiment with applications for blockchain technology, Manifold is harnessing the power of its private blockchain platform to address a real pain point: antiquated, un-engaging rewards programs. To earn, spend, or transfer rewards points with legacy technology, transactions are processed through laborious and time-consuming networks. This protracted settlement process hinders the ability of institutions to innovate and provide unique experiences to their customers. The Manifold Liquidity Platform reduces the time it takes for settlement and reconciliation of transaction activity from days to just milliseconds, allowing financial institutions and their customers to interact immediately. No other blockchain platform can deliver the performance necessary to directly support real-time consumer interactions at a global scale. Manifold empowers institutions to create gratifying offerings and unique partnership communities, resulting in truly engaging customer experiences.

The Manifold Liquidity Platform unchains financial institutions from legacy infrastructure, empowering them to innovate rewards programs today, and be poised to offer a world of new offerings in the future.