1000 Angels disrupts the venture capital industry with new platform

Alejandro Cremades

Alejandro Cremades

New York, NY – Onevest announces the launch of 1000 Angels, the world’s largest digital-first, invitation-only investor network that allows members to build a venture portfolio free of management fees, carried interest, or large capital

1000 Angels is reinventing the traditional venture model by providing members with the ability to create their own venture portfolios from a constantly updated selection of high quality, exclusive investment opportunities in some of the most exciting high-growth, early-stage companies in the world.

However, unlike traditional funds, 1000 Angels allows members to build their portfolios with no management fees, carried interest, capital commitments, or unpredictable capital calls. 1000 Angels is creating a venture asset class without the costs and frictions that have historically resulted in poor performance.

1000 Angels membership is open by invitation to accredited investors only. Members receive access to private founder presentations, member networking events, educational seminars, and VIP access to conferences and events. 1000 Angels also offers members the opportunity to access advisory board and board of director roles where there is a fit.

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