NextGen Crowdfunding and Crowdfundingroadmap Inc. partner to advance new equity crowdfunding – Regulation A+

Las Vegas, NV – NextGen Crowdfunding and Crowdfundingroadmap Inc announced today a first-of-its kind partnership centered around equity crowdfunding. It will help crowdfunding investors, emerging businesses, and crowdfunding service providers connect with each other.

The companies made the joint announcement at the 4th Annual Global Crowdfunding Convention founded by crowdfunding icon Ruth E. Hedges.

The new equity crowdfunding mechanism, called Reg A+ or Title IV of the JOBS Act, was put into effect by the Securities and Exchange Commission on June 19 this year. It allows for the first time un-accredited as well as accredited investors to fund via crowdfunding small and emerging business which want to raise up to $50 million. The new mechanism also provides a way in which small companies can “test the waters” to see if there is investor “interest” before the companies make a commitment to filing an offering with the SEC.

As part of this collaboration, Crowdfundingroadmap Inc will provide its new site and directory though which Reg A+ issuers and would-be issuers can discover crowdfunding service providers. These experts include broker-dealers, accountants, securities attorneys, crowdfunding experts and marketers.

NextGen Crowdfunding will provide a directory for investors though which they will be able to discover companies wishing to raise money through Reg A+ crowdfunding. The initial focus will be to help investors discover companies planning and “testing-the-waters” for crowdfunding investments.

Said Hedges, “We will be the directory providing entrepreneurs with easy access to the resources to help them realize their entrepreneurial dreams. We are very excited to join together with NextGen Crowdfunding to advance our joint objectives.”

Aubrey Chernick, founder of NextGen Crowdfunding, noted that “many everyday investors want to support emerging businesses and Reg A+ provides a new way for everyone to invest in small and innovative companies. We look forward to partnering with Crowdfundingroadmap so that we can help both Reg A+ investors and issuers.”