KoreConX launches to disrupt the equity crowdfunding market

TORONTO, Ont. – Equity crowdfunding is broken. The system does not work for many companies because of the complicated process, the enormous legal fees and the extreme importance of doing everything required to meet regulatory requirements. There has never been a simple, secure, cost-effective and legally sound solution — until now.

KoreConX today introduced a powerful and free all-in-one solution that will disrupt the market by helping companies navigate the equity funding process while simplifying shareholder communication to reduce risk.

KoreConXCompanies that have stayed on the sidelines because of the challenging and detailed process of equity crowdfunding can now move forward with confidence that they will be in compliance with all steps in the process while utilizing KoreConX’s free platform. The future of equity crowdfunding starts today.

Under Title III, the number of potential new investors goes from 8.5 million to 233.7 million. It means more deals, more new shareholders, and that strict due diligence becomes even more time consuming for equity crowdfunding portals and making shareholder management even more important. Companies need something that will allow them to manage the increased number of shareholders, and portals need a tool to help them perform due diligence. KoreConX is both.

“The equity crowdfunding process is broken and needs a radical overhaul to make it more accessible to organizations of all sizes,” said Oscar A Jofre, Founder, President/CEO of KoreConX. “The new KoreConX platform changes the status quo in the marketplace by, for the first time ever, standardizing the process of gathering and conveying all needed information for equity funding. By making it easier, and far less expensive, KoreConX is poised to reshape the industry and reshape the face of crowdfunding.”