The Daily Dig for Sunday, November 8

Chip card migration not a seamless process

The EMV chip is supposed to provide enhanced protection, but only if everyone uses it. That is but one problem being seen in the migration, writes JoAnn DeLuna.

SME lending hailed as savior for Belarus banks

The SME funding problem across the world is well-documented, but increased lending to that deprived sector is being hailed as a cure for the ailing banks of Belarus. Stefanie Linhardt reports.

Big banks facing tech upgrades

For all the talk about fintech upstarts, old time banks know the technological challenges they face. Their reactions are a mixed bag, writes John Aidan Byrne.

MoneyCircles combines P2p and blockchain technology

MoneyCircles is a decentralized peer-to-peer lending application designed to help the unbanked and underbanked, Joseph Young reports.

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