The Daily Dig for Monday, November 9

Banks may need to raise $1.2T to comply with new TBTF rules

Regulators are pushing for new rules which could force the biggest banks to add $1.19 trillion in securities that could be liquidated to prevent another taxpayer-funded bailout. Viktoria Dendrinou reports.

High availability + low rates = great UK SME lending climate

When credit availability is at a seven-year high and the cost to get said credit is at an eight-year low, it is the time for UK SME’s to borrow, a new Deloitte report says. Hari Sri reports.

The qualities of a good fintech investor

The different approaches taken by some of the top fintech investors have helped the industry flourish. Jeffrey Kutler examines top UK investors.

Large unbanked population threatens Zambian growth

Financial inclusion helps development, so Zambia is looking for ways to reduce its unbanked population. Chamber Moonga reports.

Nigerian legislators ponder crowdfunding’s role in SME financing

Smaller businesses are a key driver of the Nigerian economy. Can crowdfunding be a reliable capital source? That is what Nigeria’s government is trying to figure out, it says here.

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