The Daily Dig for Thursday, November 12

Big Banks likely unhappy after latest GOP debate

Repealing Dodd-Frank should be music to a banker’s ears, unless it gets replaced by something worse. That is the fear, writes John Carney.

Alternative finance products catching mainstream competitor attention

They’re more efficient. They generate good returns. Mainstream titans are getting involved with them. Yep, alternative finance products and services are here to stay, write Laura Noonan and Martin Arnold.

It’s either big banks or the Chinese – Dimon

"It's either me or the Chinese. Make your choice!"

“It’s either me or the Chinese. Make your choice!”

If you whittle down big bank influence, prepare for the Chinese to run America’s financial system, so says Jamie Dimon. Read the CNN report here.

Adviser primer on peer-to-peer lending

If you are a financial adviser you better be prepared to handle questions about peer-to-peer lending as an investment vehicle. Liz Skinner asks and answers some basic questions.

Apple developing P2P payment app

This would place it in direct competition with PayPal, a BBC report states.

Canadians warned about perils of equity crowdfunding

The arguments posed are the same as those in the U.S. including the pain of dealing with many small investors. Brenda Bouw reports.


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