Rohit Arora
Rohit Arora

The Daily Dig for Sunday, November 15

Big banks playing games with data websites

Banks such as JP Morgan and Wells Fargo have deliberately interrupted information flows to sites which aggregate information. Mike Hogan reports.

Small business borrowers should welcome rate hikes

The simple reason is because it will force banks to lend more, writes Rohit Arora.

P2P all the rage in Korea

Peer-to-peer lending is becoming popular in Korea for the same reasons it is popular in the west. Just don’t believe the rumor Kim Jong-un created it all by himself. Learn more here.

World leaders hope new rules end TBTF era

World leaders seem set to endorse regulators’ plans to compel banks to raise an additional $1.2 trillion and to adhere to new regulations designed to prevent another 2008-style crash. John Glover and Ilya Arkhipov report.

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