African angel network partners with investment platform

An angel network representing Africa’s early stage investors is partnering with a global platform connecting entrepreneurs and early stage investors.

The African Business Angel Network (ABAN) was established in 2014 by the national angel networks of several African countries. Its mandate is to promote angel investing across the continent.

They are teaming with Gust, who connects early stage investors with entrepreneurs and provides tools to help them identify, vet, share and manage equity deals.

ABAN President Tomi Davies

ABAN President Tomi Davies

ABAN President Tomi Davies described Gust’s pending contributions.

“Gust will provide an infrastructure to manage and optimize the investment activities for our member networks. Africa is already equipped with the minds and means for a fruitful startup environment, and with the available tools and opportunities cultivated by this partnership, Africa will continue to grow as a leader in global entrepreneurship.”

Gust’s is a global platform, as it enables collaboration between 80,000 investors and more than 300,000 startups in 190 countries.