The Daily Dig for Wednesday, November 18

New standards to protect nation’s unbanked

America’s unbanked and underbanked often pay exorbitant fees for the services they do access. New banking standards will hopefully address that, writes Sheryl Nance-Nash.

Financial inclusion a $380B banking opportunity: study

Microloans and attracting the unbanked and underbanked represent a $380 billion market for banks, a new study finds. Ranjani Ayyar reports.

Canadian mosque hit by arson raises $48K through crowdfunding

A Peterborough, Ontario mosque damaged by arson early Saturday has raised $48,000 through a crowdfunding campaign. Learn more here.

Millennials conflicted on personal finance: study

Millennials display different borrowing habits than previous generations. Many are also largely unaware of their credit situation. Learn more here.

UAE SME portal delivers $6.8 M in first year

Beehive has provided funding to 48 startups in its first year. Sarah Townsend reports.

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