The Daily Dig for Monday, November 23

Fundrise raising $50M for online REIT

The $50 million will be used to purchase commercial real estate. Katie Roof reports.

Consolidation coming to crowdfunding and P2P

There’s only so many customers out there, the many, many platforms are beginning to discover. That means consolidation, writes Hugo Greenhalgh.

Citigroup’s money laundering efforts detailed in secret FDIC report

A decade ago, if you were looking to launder money, you’d be hard pressed to find a bank who’d work harder on your behalf than Citigroup, according to a secret FDIC report. Alan Katz, Dakin Campbell and Bloomberg report.

Bank earnings could suffer under new debt obligations

New Fed proposals to protect taxpayers from another 2008-style bailout may hurt bank earnings, writes John Carney.

Blockchain: It’s not just for geeks anymore

At this time last year blockchain was discussed in certain corners but many had no idea what it was. That is changing, writes James Eyers.

Clinton willing to break up banks maybe, perhaps

Hillary Clinton said she is willing to break up banks “should the need arise”. Meg Kinnard and Lisa Lerer report.