The Daily Dig for Tuesday, November 24

P2P’s future far from certain, though trends emerging

While the “peer” is likely to continue to be less of a factor in peer-to-peer lending, there are still plenty of “ifs” when one tries to predict its future, Kevin Caley writes.

Chinese fin-tech industry continuing rapid growth

From insurance to peer-to-peer to SMB financing, China’s fin-tech sector is booming, and there is more to come, write Alison Tudor-Ackroyd and Ray Chan.

Proposed SEC rule changes analyzed

While most of the attention on October 30 was on the SEC’s Regulation Crowdfunding announcement, a second announcement largely lost in the shuffle should prove equally important. Proposed amendments to SEC rules 504 and 147 are analyzed by The Race to the Bottom.

Tarullo expects stricter bank tests

Fed Governor Daniel Tarullo said in a recent Bloomberg interview that there is “more than a pretty good chance” banks will need higher minimum capital amounts as a buffer against future losses. Peter Eavis reports.

Big banks warm to blockchain form

Early in Bitcoin’s life, banks hated it. Now they see value in blockchain technology, writes Prableen Bajpai.

UK big banks accused of ageism

Banks have been accused of discriminating against the poor, people of color, and now seniors. Pretty soon there will be nobody left. Learn more here.

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