The Daily Dig for Monday, November 30

Liberals miss the point on big bank breakup call

Sure, getting rid of Glass-Stegall was a mistake, but bringing it back may be too,as better options exist. Matt O’Brien reports.

Ireland’s P2P marketplace analyzed

While still small there are opportunities in the Irish peer-to-peer lending market, Derek Butler explains.

Banks better learn from Uber

Technology could lead banks to cut staff and branch locations in half, a former Barclays boss believes. Jill Treanor reports.

Tyro taking on Aussie small business lenders

After beginning as a payment terminal company Tyro is pivoting to small business lending. Shaun Drummond reports.

Real estate crowdfunding coming to Australia

A Singaporean company believes it can make waves in the Australian property market with real estate crowdfunding. Kathryn Diss reports.

Big banks cutting back on small business loans

Big banks are lending to fewer small businesses, which is driving those businesses to expensive alternative lenders, Ruth Simon reports.

Aussie banker says altfi companies should think like banks

An ANZ banking executive says fintechs are nibbling when they should be biting big chunks off of banks. Clancy Yeates reports.

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