The Daily Dig for Tuesday, December 1

Trading begins in Funding Circle P2P investment trust

Shares are essentially treading water as a competing fund cancels a planned share issue. Daniel Grote reports.

LendInvest enjoying strong growth

UK real estate peer-to-peer lender LendInvest is on pace to double the number of properties it will fund in 2015. Kasmira Jefford reports.

Proposed Aussie equity crowdfunding legislation seen as lacking

If the various proposed dollar limits were not troublesome enough, legislators are also getting heat for excluding the startups who may benefit the most. Josh Nicholas explains.

98%’s impact analyzed

Not only will the 98 percent of Americans who are unaccredited investors inject badly needed capital, they also want a greater say in what it does, Aubrey Chernick tells Moira Vetter.


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