"All this oversight, it's like, not cool, you know?"
"All this oversight, it's like, not cool, you know?"

The Daily Dig for Thursday, December 3

Banks see  federal dividend cut

The poor dears will have to get by with less than the usual six percent dividend on stocks they have to buy to be members of the Federal Reserve system #tagday. David Dayen reports.

JP Morgan hooking up with SMB P2P

In what could be the final nail in the term “peer-to-peer lender”, Jamie Dimon said Tuesday that JP Morgan will soon be in cahoots with a small business P2P. Hugh Son and Claire Boston report.

And that P2P is apparently OnDeck

Read the Bloomberg report here.

Chinese P2P’s likely good short term plays but long view murkier

As Chinese peer-to-peer platforms prepare to launch, their investment value beyond the short-term is debatable, Nisha Gopalan reports.

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