The Daily Dig for Saturday, December 5

Obama administration looking to reduce America’s unbanked numbers

There is a push to reduce the number of unbanked Americans in order to be at a similar level to other OECD countries. Lower fees and creative products are likely part of the solution, write Shawn Donnan and Demetri Sevastopulo.

Canadian banks cut most jobs in 6 years

“Amid efforts to cut costs and adapt to digital banking”, Canada’s big banks sliced the most jobs in six years in the fiscal fourth quarter, writes Doug Alexander.

Canadian banks generate $35B in profits for 2015

Dividends higher, stocks higher, jobs lower. Read the CBC report here.

Good regulation needed for tech disruptors to prosper

Regulation is needed in order for tech firms to disrupt finance. Good regulation is required that change is to last. Learn more here.

Consumer participation affecting brand development

Several factors have combined to give the consumer a greater say in how products get developed, and established brands are taking notice, writes Baldwin Cunningham.