The Daily Dig for Tuesday, December 8

Big banks getting ready for next recession

While it may be a few years out, America’s big banks are looking ahead to the next recession and making their preparations, writes Chris Matthews.

Big banks among those against Fannie and Freddie

Count big banks as one group wanting to change Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, but they’re not alone, writes Andrea Riquier.

ESF Capital grabs controlling stake in ThinCats

After its parent company agreed to deploy up to £50 million through SME lender ThinCats, ESF simply decided to buy most of the company too. Ryan Weeks reports.

Wharton scholar researches Kickstarter failure rates

The nine percent failure rate is deemed reasonable, writes Chris Welch.

High growth tech firms likely to shun Title III

Included in the SEC’s Title III rules are a group which will prove to be a powerful disincentive for high growth startups, writes Christopher Mims.

Why private equity loans will overtake realty debt crowdfunding in 2016

Private equity loans are likely to usurp debt crowdfunding for realty next year, David Drake believes.

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