The Daily Dig for Thursday, December 10

Aussie marketplace lender enjoys strong 2015

SocietyOne has tripled loan volume and announced a 9.8 percent annualized return, John Durie reports.

Fintech hype doesn’t match results

With all of the hype around the fintech space, one could be forgiven for thinking it plays a bigger role than it actually does, Oscar Williams-Grut reports.

Muslim-based crowdfunding campaign raises  more than $83,000 for San Bernardino victims

Muslim organizations and several individual Muslims have started a campaign to help people affected by the mass shooting in San Bernardino. Ismat Sarah Mangla reports.

Kiva offering micro loans in the United States

Many small business owners struggle to grow their operations. That is true in many parts of the world, including the United States. Kiva hopes to help, Jessi Hempel writes.

Don’t blame Prosper for loan to terrorist

The online lender followed all the rules and the borrower would have been accepted elsewhere too, writes Caitlin Huston.

Kickstarter hires journalist to investigate failed company

Even though it raised more than $3 million on Kickstarter, Torquing Group failed within a year, and Kickstarter wants to know why. Cyrus Farivar reports.

Equity crowdfunding popular in Singapore

Singapore is an interesting market to follow. Here is one reason why. Patrick John Lim has more.