The Daily Dig for Saturday, December 12

New Zopa funding round could produce £500M valuation

They are being advised by JP Morgan as they proceed. Mark Kleinman reports.

Canadian accountant worries about fintech boom

When people in the industry say federal regulations have not kept pace with innovation, there is cause for concern, writes Taleb Contractor.

Yirendai squeezing in one last 2015 IPO

The Chinese P2P has their cotillion scheduled for the day after the expected rate hike, writes Telis Demos.

It’s OK for banks to offer basic services to payday lenders: FDIC

There was some confusion about what banks could and could not do for payday lenders in the wake of Operation Choke Point. Mick Grasmick explains recent FDIC communication.

New Glass-Steagall to banks’ benefit

Before dismissing a revived Glass Steagall as both antiquated and restricted, banks should look at how they would benefit from it, suggests Akshat Tewary.

Weaker bank safety rules set up battle with Warren

The amount of collateral banks must hold related to swaps has been lessened at their request. Elizabeth Warren is not happy, writes Andrew Ackerman.

Canadian banks ready to accept greater risk in mortgage crackdown

The Canadian government is preparing to require banks to hold more security against bad mortgages. Many accept it and understand. So Canadian. Tim Kiladze and David Berman explain.

British big banks need bigger buffer

They need to scrape up an extra £27 billion by 2020. That would be funny if they went for a P2P loan. Tim Wallace reports.

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