The Daily Dig for Wednesday, December 16

Banks counting profits from future rate hikes

The big banks are prepared for the coming rate hikes, with some of that work anticipating rising profits, writes Tim Worstall.

Small banks can be just as greedy as large ones

Even though they were not subject to the same capital increases on housing loans as big banks were, many of Australia’s small banks took advantage to add a few basis points to their rates. Michael Pascoe reports.

Online lenders ready for rate hike

It helps to have so long to get ready, but online lenders are ready for the Fed rate hike, writes Yulia Chernova.

Canadian issuers must do homework before U.S. offering

A mishmash of regulations complicate the process for Canadian companies undertaking an offering in the United States, Timothy Ho writes.

California regulators looking at marketplace lenders

Many of the biggest names in marketplace lending have been asked to provide information to California regulators. Ron Finberg reports.

Successful Chinese P2Ps need risk control

Partner with third parties. Minimize potential defaults. Both are part of a necessary strategy for Chinese peer-to-peers in this for the long haul, writes Li Xiang.

Proper identification an issue for America’s unbanked

A lack of proper identification makes it hard to get a job, apartment and bank account. This is an issue disproportionately affecting immigrants and minorities, writes Joe Valenti.

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