The Daily Dig for Tuesday, December 22

India’s banks feelich fin-tech influence

Representatives from India’s biggest banks have been meeting to discuss fin-techs and how to keep up with their innovative pace. Peerzada Abrar and Sanjay Vijayakumar report.

India banking authority planning to watch P2P

The Reserve Bank of India is set to release a discussion paper on unregulated peer-to-peer lending arrangements. “BS reporter – Mumbai” reports.

$600B-plus international remittance market to spawn safer, cheaper alternatives

Most of the more than $600 billion transferred internationally is sent via risky methods. The sheer size of the market and the availability of technology will spawn safer alternatives, writes Alix Murphy.

Big banks in the dark on blockchains

While big banks and many others are talking up a storm on blockchains, they clearly have a lot to learn, writes Chris DeRose.



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