The Daily Dig for Monday, December 28

Brazilian P2P environment explained

Brazil has laws governing which institutions can charge more than a specific rate. There are also steps foreign investors have to follow. Antonio Giglio Neto explains.

Fin-tech boom to continue throughout 2016

Global fin-tech investment has increased six-fold since 2012. There’s more to come, Rod Hsu predicts.

Fed, FDIC fine student loan company

Higher One got dinged $24 million for misleading 570,000 students and charging them to access their funds. Learn more here.

Fin-tech post-IPO valuations a mixed bag

For every Kabbage that is doing quite well there is a Lending Club which is not. Why are some fin-techs valuations faring better than others after their IPO’s? Ron Finberg investigates.

New entrant discusses Australian alt-fi scene

Waddle Co-Founder Leigh Dunsford said that while the Australian alt-fi scene is growing, there are still gaps. Learn more here.

Mobile technology will help Africa

The newest Ericsson mobility report said the 70 percent of Africans who are unbanked will benefit from increased mobile connectivity. Chima Akwaja reports.