The Daily Dig for Thursday, December 31

Fed to navigate unique PR waters in 2016

Despite earning billions of dollars for the Treasury over the past few years, the Fed will have to face criticism over paying higher rates to big banks it bailed out during the financial crisis. Joesph Lawler reports.

UK equity crowdfunding year in review

Medical devices, alternative energy sources and financing are among the sectors represented on  Lauren Davidson’s 15 biggest equity crowdfunding rounds of 2015.

Banks betting big on blockchain

Big banks are investing billions into blockchain technology and see it playing a role in everything from bonds to vehicle sales to voting systems. Great summary from CNBC’s Arjun Kharpal.

Big banks to embrace alt-fi players in 2016

Look for more JPMorgan/On Deck partnerships in 2016 as big banks seek to employ such platforms to reach more small businesses. Learn more here.

Massive derivatives exposure could cripple big banks

Collective American big bank derivatives exposure its $247 trillion. It is a ticking bomb, writes  Michael Snyder.

Fin-techs maturing and that’s a good thing

Fin-tech has largely moved beyond unique new ideas and into the execution and iteration phase. Less fun perhaps, but integral if the sector is to thrive. Felix Salmon reports.

Challenger banks influencing British banking

Recent entrants into Britain’s banking scene are indeed offering customers something new. How much can they carve away from the Big 4? Tim Wallace investigates.

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