The Daily Dig for Tuesday, January 5

Beijing P2P Weijinsuo celebrates $46M Series A

It sounds even more impressive when you say RMB300 million. Guglielmo de Stefano reports.

India’s financial establishment embracing fin-tech

Digital, security and regulatory challenges have caused India’s big banks to embrace fin-tech as they adapt to a new reality. Peerzada Abrar reports.

Alibaba spinoff seeks $1.5 B pre-IPO

Ant Financial runs Alipay, the Chinese PayPal equivalent. It has a $45 B valuation. Julie Zhu and Alison Tudor-Ackroyd report.

Kiva hopes to repeat international success in US

Micro lender Kiva has facilitated more than $800 million of micro loans in developing regions. It hopes to have similar success in the United States. Learn more here.

P2P success comes easier in low risk environment

When reading of high P2P success rates, read between the lines and ask a few questions, such as:

  1. Are they only working with the lowest risk groups?
  2. Have the successfully navigated a down cycle?

The irony of a high success rate is such companies may be leaving risk on the table, writes Kadhim Shubber.

Mexico creatively growing eCommerce

Online shopping in Mexico has suffered because few Mexicans have credit cards. Retailers are compensating by offering more payment options. Learn more here.

Sanders pledges to break up big banks if elected

Bernie Sanders says banks deemed to big to fail will be broken up in his first year as POTUS. John Wagner reports.

Chinese big banks facing rocky 2016

Lower rates, higher delinquencies and more competition may be a bad triple team for China’s biggest banks this year. Learn more here.

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