IFAN Financial launches new prepaid card program

Mobile payment software developer IFAN Financial’s new prepaid card program is poised to capitalize on conveniences provided by new technologies, its creators believe.

The FDIC-insured POWER by IFAN MasterCard Prepaid Card program links to the IFAN Mobile Wallet through IFAN’s Financial Payment Platform, a global system which facilitates cash withdrawals and merchant services at any location accepting MasterCard Debit Cards. Users also have access to a range of online banking services and are protected by the MasterCard Zero Liability Policy.

 IFAN CFO Steve Scholl

IFAN CFO Steve Scholl

“We believe that POWER by IFAN MasterCard Prepaid Card program represents another significant opportunity for us to generate further customer exposure to the IFAN Financial Payment Platform,” IFAN CFO Steve Scholl said. The prepaid card industry is a $200 billion and growing industry that is being rapidly adopted by both consumers and businesses.”

“As we begin to market the program, we are finding a high degree of interest from companies that want to use it as a payroll card and others who want to use it as an alternative to issuing company credit cards to their employees.”