The Daily Dig for Thursday, January 7

Beijing taking long look at P2P industry

China’s peer-to-peer lending industry has taken off for the same reasons it has over here – small businesses and individuals need increased access to fund. There are problems with many of the nation’s estimated 2,612 platforms, however, so legislators are considering how to watch over the sector. Piotr Zembrowski reports.

UK tech investment set record in 2015

In 2015 UK tech companies raised 70 percent more than the record they set in 2014. Ben Rossi reports.

Prosper’s 2015 in review

Prosper finished off the year with a record fourth quarter and the entire year saw more than double the loan originations of 2014. Ryan Weeks has more.

Current state of Estonia’s banking system provides lessons beyond borders

If you are new to the alt-fi and fin-tech space, or are interested in understanding the factors behind the growth of these sectors, this op-ed from Estonia is a good synopsis. Thomas Hõbemägl reports.

Lending Club valuation facing risks in 2016

Lending Club faces three risks in 2016. Anthony Sanfilippo reports.

Rural population, lack of options hurting Nigeria’s unbanked

Nigerians have a fraction of the banking options Brazilians do. That and a heavily rural population cause problems. Learn more here.