The Daily Dig for Friday, January 8

Virtuix raises $5M  in testing waters phase

Virtuix, developer of a treadmill used in virtual reality simulations, attracted $5 million worth of interest in two days on SeedInvest. Jamie Feltham reports.

NZ crowdfunding site wants to add P2P loans

PledgeMe has asked New Zealand regulators for permission to expand its offerings. Chloe Winter reports.

SBA report highlights capital access shortages

There are a growing number of options for small businesses in need of capital and it is about time, writes Lisa Froelings.

LendInvest hits £500 M

UK real estate crowdfunder LendInvest reached the £500 million originations earlier this week, the beginning of what they hope will be a great 2016, writes Ryan Weeks.

India not ready to use crowdfunding for public infrastructure

India’s Rural Development Ministry is not considering crowdfunding public infrastructure. Learn more here.

Japanese women have more than a yen for crowdfunding

Female Japanese entrepreneurs are flocking to the country’s largest crowdfunding site. Leo Lewis has more.