Cognolink crosses to new name: Third Bridge

The primary research partner once known as Cognolink has rebranded as Third Bridge.

Interestingly, it takes its name from Botswana, where it means the last bridge to cross before arriving at unexplored territory.

Their three business units are now fittingly named Third Bridge Connections, Third Bridge Intelligence, and Third Bridge Forum.

Co-founder and CEO Emmanuel Tahar says the new identity reflects a growing company that at its core continues to provide information on possible investments to private equity firms, hedge funds and strategy consultants.

“Working across a wide range of industries and geographies, we have become a single firm capable of providing the crucial pieces to the investment puzzle across a range of complementary services for investors,” Tahar said.

“In a world of search engines and social networks, where every deal seems brokered and knowledge is plentiful but often biased, we cut through complexity and provide the qualified opinions and invaluable information that can make or break a deal.”

Third Bridge has offices in Mumbai, London, Shanghai, New York and Hong Kong.