EarlyShares added to CFX secondary market

Real estate crowdfunding platform EarlyShares has been added to the CFX Markets online network.

They join close to two-dozen platforms already on the exchange, CFX said in a release.

EarlyShares investors can list their shares on the CFX secondary market, subject to SEC resale restrictions.

CFX Managing Director Juan Hernandez

CFX Managing Director Juan Hernandez

As more companies join the exchange, both investors and the industry will see value, CFX Markets Managing Director Juan Hernandez explained.

“We’ve always believed that the crowdfunding industry needs an industrywide secondary market to achieve its full potential, and the addition of EarlyShares to CFX Markets is a big step in that direction. EarlyShares has become one of the leading real estate crowdfunding platforms in the industry, and we’re thrilled to welcome them to CFX.”

EarlyShares co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer Heather Schwarz confirmed a secondary market is an important step for the crowdfunding industry

“As investment crowdfunding grows, liquidity is only going to become more important, and we at EarlyShares are excited about being able to offer the option of liquidity to our investors.”

CFX Markets participants can buy and sell crowdfunding investment shares from other participants. Investors register for a free account and verify their identity. CFX then transfers their data from the partner portal. Sellers also submit a selling price.

Buyers can browse the assets, offers and financial data when considering bids.

The CFX platform is currently in invitation-only mode.