The Daily Dig for Friday, January 29

Lending Club adjusts interest rates

A privileged few get a slight shave but most will pay more. Tracy Alloway and Felice Maranz report.

Indonesia getting creative to serve its unbanked

Roughly two out of three Indonesians are unbanked. Given the widespread population, traditional solutions are expensive, but when partially state owned banks are launching satellites and banks on boats, give them an ‘A’ for effort. Learn more here.

SoFi planning Super Bowl ad

CEO Mike Cagney sees the $20 million as a great investment. Extra points for booking in the first quarter. Mark Calvey reports.

Tax implications of startup crowdfunding

Count Uncle Sam in the crowd wanting a piece of the next successful startup, Amy Feldman writes.

Trust not the reason people leaving banks for fin-techs

Those who leave like better products, the results of a new survey suggest. Karl Flinders reports.

P2P growth draws regulatory attention in India

India’s small businesses are using marketplace lenders as a badly needed funding source. That has drawn the attention of the Reserve Bank of India. Shaliesh Menon reports.

Technology makes third world financial inclusion feasible

The unbanked represent a $380 billion opportunity that technology makes feasible to pursue. Learn more here.