DotGreen recruits Almerico to assist with crowdfunding raise

DotGreen Community, the company behind the new. Green domain name, has hired Kendall Almerico to oversee its Regulation D, Rule 506(c) offering which begins today and its Regulation A+ filing, expected in the coming months.

Those offerings will be listed on Mr. Almerico’s site BankRoll Ventures.

Kendall Almerico

Kendall Almerico

DotGreen Community aims to raise $3.5 million. The initial offering is a Regulation 506(c) private placement limited to accredited investors who wish to acquire common shares with voting rights.

Green economy investment is expected to hit $10 trillion by decade’s end, and with exclusive global rights to sales and renewals of “. green” domain names, DotGreen is a natural meeting point for the green industry, CEO Jeremy Coon believes.

“.Green is positioned to take its place alongside .com, .net and .org as one of the most recognized domain names globally and the world’s first and only Internet platform for the global green movement. Our mission is to build a powerful, all-inclusive voice, and crowdfunding is a democratization of early stage investment opportunities and a way for everyone to participate and own an equity stake in the rapidly growing green marketplace.”

Mr. Coon is putting his money where his mouth is. Also a Co-Founder, he participated in the company’s first raise, a $5 million effort targeting private sources, and will by more shares during the Regulation D process.