The Daily Dig for Saturday, January 30

New UK equity crowdfunding platform launched

Growthdeck hopes to blend the speed offered by new technology and the rigor investors deserve. Madeline Ratcliffe reports.

Real estate crowdfunding forecast for 2016

No doubt the sector is growing, but which areas will rise and fall in 2016? Learn more here.

Indiegogo leadership shuffle

Slava Rubin has moved to a business development role to work on prime growth areas. Several additional moves took place as a result. Lucas Matney reports.

Lufax IPO looming

The Chinese P2P could go public later this year. Learn more here.

Chinese leverage ratios on the rise

Some areas of shadow banking are in decline but others have replaced them, leaving overall leverage on the rise. Learn more here.

Fear a drag on mobile payment growth

Fears of compromised personal information security are the main reason mobile payments are not being adopted faster, Roy Urrico discovers.

Israel crowdfunding scene prepared to grow

A recent small purchase is the first step in a company’s plan to create a new small business crowdfunder focusing on tech companies. Iran Azran reports.

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